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During 1998/2001, Artman Technologies developed a unique system for processing organ transplantation information in Great Britain, Scotland and Ireland. The system is implemented in the NHSBT (formerly UK Transplant) in Bristol and organizes the distribution of organs from the donor to the recipient in the whole country with connection to other transplantation centers in the EU.

The application is based on Web technology and Oracle DB server software. Transplant units are connected to the center on-line via the National Transplant Network NTN, providing quick and proper information about donors, recipients and transplants.

This unique application is a result of the work of Artman Technologies’ programmers and has ambitions to become the basic element for other transplantation centers in the world.

Artman Technologies has an exclusive agreement with NHSBT for marketing, implementing and maintaining the application worldwide. The application is available in our product portfolio as eTransplantTM.