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National Transplant Information Systems delivered for:

– 2018 Saudi Arabia, SCOT, more info…
– 2016 EU, European Commission EC, Eurocet128, more info…
– 2014 EU, European Commission EC, Eurocet
– 2012 EU, European Commission EC, EurodonorOrgan donation and transplantation is a field where exchange of information and experience is crucial. A number of organ procurement organisations (OPOs) from around Europe, along with interested private companies, have therefore approached the European Commission in 2003 with a proposal for the Eurodonor project. The aim was to create a central repository of reliable, up-to-date information on organ donation and transplant activities in participating countries.
Having gained the Commission’s support, the project was successfully implemented and the Eurodonor website now serves the general public as well as the healthcare community. Artman Technologies’ role as one of the project’s technological partners included participation in the design of data formats used for submitting information into the repository, as well as helping some OPOs establish the necessary communication infrastructure. All of this was done in close cooperation with Donor Action, UK Transplant and the Italian company Finsiel which coordinated the relevant aspects of the project.
Eurodonor has received favourable reviews from the European Commission and a similar project concerned with tissue donation is now being considered.
– 2010, Slovenia, ST
– 2007, Slovakia, SCOT
– 2005, Holland, Eurotransplant ET
– 2003, Belgium, Donor Action DAThe Donor Action Foundation‘s main goal is to alleviate the global organ shortage that hampers transplantation programmes around the world. At present, the core of this effort is the Donor Action Programme which helps hospital staff, administrators and transplant coordinators identify and address opportunities for improvement in their organ donation procedures.
An integral part of the Programme is its comprehensive data gathering and evaluation process. Artman Technologies was charged with automating this process for maximum efficiency and user-friendlyness. We have created a comprehensive web-based application that includes data gathering, reporting, administrative functions and even facilitates comfortable localisation of its own user interface into other languages (since Donor Action’s activities have worldwide scope). The software is being used daily by users from hundreds of hospitals around the world.
Our services for Donor Action include administration of the servers where the application runs, as well as maintenance of its database. Work on the application itself continues as the amount of collected data grows, opening new possibilities for analysis and interpretation.
– 2000, United Kingdom and Ireland, NHS BT (UKTSSA, UKTransplant), NTxDDuring 1998/2001, Artman Technologies developed a unique system for processing organ transplantation information in Great Britain, Scotland and Ireland. The system is implemented in the NHSBT (formerly UK Transplant) in Bristol and organizes the distribution of organs from the donor to the recipient in the whole country with connection to other transplantation centers in the EU. The application is based on Web technology and Oracle DB server software. Transplant units are connected to the center on-line via the National Transplant Network NTN, providing quick and proper information about donors, recipients and transplants. This unique application is a result of the work of Artman Technologies’ programmers and has ambitions to become the basic element for other transplantation centers in the world. Artman Technologies has

The Brains for Dementia Research – Comprehensive Assessment Database / BDR-CAD:

– 2018, United Kingdom, Kings University London
– 2017, United Kingdom, Manchester University
– 2017, United Kingdom, New Castle University
– 2015, United Kingdom, Cardiff University
– 2013, United Kingdom, University of Bristol

Other eHealth systems:

– 2011, United Kingdom, Oxford University, International Medical Evaluation Credit System IMECS  – The International Medical Education Credit Scheme (IMECSTM) aims to provide an objective, comparable and transferrable measure of the quality and quantity of teaching work done by medical professionals. It was designed by Prof. Dr. D. W. R. Gray at the Nuffield Department of Surgery, Oxford University, as a way to increase motivation for accomplished doctors to participate in educational activities.
In the IMECS scheme, credits are periodically awarded to teachers according to carefully thought-out rules based on three key variables:

  • the amount of teaching performed
  • the perceived quality of teaching as indicated by students after each lesson
  • the results achieved by students at specific relevant exams

To facilitate the gathering and processing of this data, Artman Technologies has developed a server-based application with interfaces for students, teachers and administrators. The IMECSTM application has the following features:

  • Based on Oracle relational database
  • Web Browser compatible front end
    5 modules:

    • Student
    • Teacher
    • Timetable
    • Supervisor
    • Email

The eventual maturing of the application and IMECSTM in general resulted in the establishment of a dedicated company, IMEC Systems, which manages the development and marketing of IMECS worldwide.
– 1997, Slovak Laboratory Information System
– 1996, National Rehabilitation Center Kovacova
– 1995, Slovak National Oil Refinery Hospitals Information System
– 1994, Baby Hospital Koch Sanatorium Information Systems
– 1993, Ambulant Systems – 24 types
– 1992, National Labs Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, South Africa – Red Cell Antibody Identification Software System RCAISS
– 1992, Mathematical model of the Liver functionality in time and frequency spectrum, Japan
– Nov. 1991, Artman Technologies founded